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CONnection by Donald C. Drake


Shortly after publication of her autobiography Lonely Child, in which she describes how she has no family or relatives, Eva Benton receives an astonishing email from a woman in England saying she’s Eva’s aunt. The woman tells Eva that she has a grandmother in England (the mother of Eva’s father), several aunts and uncles, and a bunch of cousins. Eva is ecstatic to think that she has a family after all, but her husband suspects a con game. You don’t find out who’s right until the final scene of the play.

Connection by Donald C. Drake theater script
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Words by Donald C. Drake


A love story about a young American college student, who meets a young Russian engineer in a deserted eastern European airport during a snowstorm that has cancelled all planes. It’s at the height of the cold war and she is eager to know about communism and he wants to know about democracy. Because neither speaks the other’s language, they are constantly misunderstanding each other until they fall a little bit in love and then they communicate beautifully in more ways than one.

Words by Donald C. Drake theater script
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The Passage by Donald C. Drake

The Passage

Set not many years in the future, after assisted-suicide has become legal and a part of the culture, the play focuses on a man preparing for the arrival of the HMO suicide facilitator as the traditional going-away party rages on downstairs.

The Passage by Donald C. Drake theater script
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