Aria by Donald C. Drake

Aria by Donald C. Drake theater script


A full-length script by Donald C. Drake


A comedy about an Alice-in-Wonderland world of confused sexual orientation, in which straight and gay are never quite what they appear.

Aria is a satire of sexual mores and deception in a world where the North Pole of sexual orientation is no longer fixed and many people are lost.

It’s about people trying to find their way.

It’s about Fergus, an undiscovered artist and amateur opera singer, who will do anything to gain favor with the woman he loves, even pretend he’s gay.

It’s about Chelsea, a newspaper reporter who’s become heterophobic after a lifetime of disappointing love affairs with self-absorbed, insensitive straight men. She likes Fergus because she thinks he’s gay.

It’s about Sam, a lesbian, who is eager to take a chance on winning Chelsea, even though Chelsea is straight and only thinks she wants a lesbian relationship.

And it’s about Hank, almost a caricature of the macho male, who paints nudes, women of course, with such a vivid, male-oriented view that it scares dealers away from showing his work. He’s so desperate to be discovered that he pretends to be gay to get into an art gallery that shows work by only gay artists.

Category: Romantic Comedy

Characters: 5

Page Count: 121 pages

Approximate Runtime: Undetermined

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