Choices by Donald C. Drake

Choices by Donald C. Drake theater script


A full-length play by Donald C. Drake


This dramatic play examines a devastating question —  which is more important — following one’s religious convictions or saving the life of a child — faith or medicine.

Solomon’s wife has just given birth to conjoined twins who share a single heart. The heart is not strong enough to support both babies. Surgeons can save one of the babies, if they sacrifice the other. Solomon’s wife desperately wants the operation, but Solomon, a very religious jew, can’t agree because the Talmud clearly states that one life cannot be sacrificed to save another. While rabbis debate whether they can give permission for the surgeons to go ahead, the young husband and wife wrestle with each other over what to do. Whatever decision they reach will threaten their marriage.

The play is based on a real-life event  Donald Drake covered as a medical reporter for the Philadelphia Inquirer. The story (and now the play) dramatized so many pressing issues that several Jewish seminaries requested reprints of the article to use in their classes on ethics and morality.

Category: Drama

Characters: 6

Page Count: 101 pages

Approximate Runtime: Undetermined

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Note: This play is also known as “Choice”. 

Stage Reading at Hudson River Classics Showcase Theater

Saturday, March 12, 2016


Choices by Donald C. Drake HRC Showcase Theatre March 12 2016


Theatrical debut in the Berkshires on August 22, 2016

Staged reading directed by Barbara Waldinger

Choices by Donald Drake Berkshires Theater August 22, 2016

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