Gorked! by Donald C. Drake

Gorked by Donald C. Drake theater script


A full-length play by Donald C. Drake


A romantic comedy about Winnie, an Alzheimer’s patient, who finds joy in a good life relived. Unaware of the vivid inner life Winnie is enjoying and acting out, family members bemoan what seems to them crazy antics. 

Winnie is terrified of death and has called his wife, Katie, back from the dead to help him die. He remembers the romance and fun they had together. Winnie’s family keeps interrupting his reverie with attentive but annoying care, prompting wild outbursts. While exploring Winnie’s imaginary world with wit and fantasy.

Category: Romantic Comedy

Characters: 5

Page Count: 106 pages

Approximate Runtime: Undetermined

Read the play Gorked! online here.


Optional:  Read the sample theater script Gorked! by Playwright Don Drake in your browser.

Worth noting,  Gorked! also deals with the terrible struggle families go through in caring for those lost to senility. The depiction of these issues was considered so moving and accurate that the University of Pennsylvania commissioned the Hedgerow Theatre Company to do a reading of the play at an international conference on dementia.

Hedgerow later produced Gorked! where it was described by one reviewer as “devastatingly clever, understanding, sympathetic and beautifully written.” It was also first-place winner in the Palm Springs International Playwriting Festival in California, where a critic called it the “runaway winner” in the competition and a “must-see” and later presented to a very enthusiastic audience as Thank You For The Flowers (an alternate title).

Gorked! was also a winner in competitions sponsored by the Trustus Theatre, Columbia, S. C.; Wagner College in New York City; Southwest Theater Association, Arlington, TX, and Stage 3 in Sonora, CA. It was also given an Equity Showcase at the Houseman Theater in New York City and a reading at the Triangle Theater in NYC .

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