Lost at Sea by Donald C. Drake

Lost at Sea by Donald C. Drake theater script


A full-length play by Donald C. Drake

Lost at Sea

A dark comedy and mystery about a father who wants to find out which of his three children loves him the most.  

Saul Seplow’s three adult children don’t know why their father, renown for his intricate practical jokes, asked them to join him on an eight-day ocean cruise to Italy. Could this be his biggest joke ever? Their suspicions are quickly dispelled when Saul finally arrives on board and tells them he is terminally ill and going to write his will — disposing of a million dollars. Saul then disguises himself and spends the next eight days observing his children up close to see if they love him or his money more. Who loves him the best?

Category: Mystery

Characters: 6

Page Count: 112 pages

Approximate Runtime: Undetermined

Read the play Lost at Sea online here.


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Worth noting, Lost at Sea was a winner in the competition of the International Mystery Theatre, which produced the play.

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