The Last Appointment by Donald C. Drake

The Last Appointment by Donald C. Drake theater script


A full-length two-act play by Donald C. Drake

The Last Appointment

A whodunit three-character mystery about a serial killer who makes appointments with psychotherapists.

While the main focus of the play revolves around solving the mystery, using clues presented along the way, much of the play’s appeal comes from its characters brought together in the drama.

  • A sensitive, male psychotherapist with a split personality and lustful appreciation of beautiful women.
  • A beautiful, masculine, female detective, who hates psychotherapists and does needlepoint on the sly.
  • A melodramatic professor of psychology, who loves opera, especially the final scenes of heroic and beautiful deaths.

Worth noting, The Last Appointment was one of four plays selected to be produced and performed by the International Mystery Writers Festival in Kentucky. It is also the winner of the Boucheron 29 Mystery Search Award.

Category: Mystery

Characters: 3 (female, 30s, female 50s, male 30s)

Page Count: 98 pages

Approximate Runtime: Undetermined

Read the play The Last Appointment below.

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